The Purification

With a mind-numbing ARG at its core, The Purification trans-media campaign that launched with the sudden and unannounced appearance of a mysterious website called A cryptic symbol and a doomsday-like countdown clock were the only things found on the site. Hidden within the background were eight additional timers. Each added a clue to the origin and purpose of The Purification.  As the campaign unfolded across multiple platforms, more and more clues to solving the riddle presented themselves until the timers ran out to zero and The Purification's connection to Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico was revealed.

Facebook-driven racing game I did for Liberty Mutual.  And not an emu in sight.
The Responsibility Project

Integrated social participation campaign for Liberty Mutual that explores the meaning of doing the right thing. MIXX Awards. Gold and Silver in Cross Platform Integration. Silver in Digital Integration. One Show. CA. D&AD.

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